"Give me 10 Days... & I'll Do All The Work To Create a 6 Figure Cash-Windfall For You For FREE Whilst You Sit Back and Crack Open a Beer."
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(SPACES LIMITED: We currently open up two new slots per month and
operate on a first-come, first served basis)
Frequently Asked Questions: 

Q. Hmmm... this all sounds to good to be true. What's the catch?

Here's the catch... because we work on a performance only basis, we naturally get a lot of interest from a lot of people, so we need to pretty picky about who we choose to work with. We've some strict, but fair criteria we stick to: 

You need at least 1,000 opens on your email list and a product that is already for sale for $500 or more. (We prefer much higher ticket)

Even then that doesn't guarantee you a spot, and due to the hands on nature of our work we currently only accept two clients per month, on a first come, first served basis. If you meet the criteria, we would be delighted to chat.

Q. Who sends out the emails?

We do. You just create us a "admin" profile in your ESP or CRM (Infusionsoft, Active Campaign, Aweber, etc.) so we can send out the emails without any security privileges. 

Q. How do you capture my "authentic voice" in the emails you write?

Our number #1 priority is making sure we protect the relationship with your list, we'll never compromise that to make a 'quick buck'. In some instances, we won't accept a client if they've a distinctive tone that we'll struggle to emulate. 

In order to capture your authentic voice you'll have an in depth on-boarding call with a member of team so our copywriters can mimic it. Before any emails go out at the start of the campaign, we'll run them by you too. 

Please take the examples included with a 'pinch of salt', whilst they worked well for their respective lists, the emails written for your campaign would be different.

Q. What's your commissions on sales? 

It varies campaign to campaign, and is something we'll explore together if you qualify for a rainmaker campaign. However – our goal is that our services cost you nothing. We'll look for ways to increase your margin or customer spend so that your earn more profit per customer even after you've paid us. 

Recent example: our client was charging $397, we were able to increase the price to $1500 through positioning and our email process. After we were paid a commission, our client earned an additional $350 per sale. 

Q. What value can you bring that I can't get from hiring a copywriter and doing all the rest myself?

Great question! First of all... we're not the world's greatest copywriters, that's not our "magic". Good copy is just good polish. There are plenty copywriters who write better than us, but then again they don't have our strategy...

What we're fanatical about is positioning your product in a way that has people say "Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!" even if you're the most expensive in your niche. Our focus is on strategic positioning of your product and creating a rapid bond with your audience that drives demand up. 

Here's 3 big reasons we find people work with us... (versus doing it themselves)

1. Zero risk... 

What does a decent copywriter cost? $5k? $10k? More? So after you've shelled out more than a 2nd hand SUV for their help, you've no guarantee of sales.

The way we work is we ONLY get paid, when you do! Zero risk. 

2. Incentive...

You have to ask yourself, after you've paid your consultant or freelancer, do they have an incentive to finish the job – or get you AMAZING results? 

Worst case, you're out of pocket... 

Best case, and things do "well"... are they still hungry to make even more sales or do they rest on the laurels and start prospecting for their next client? We find it's closer to the later.

Working in the way we do we've a constant inbuilt incentive and desire to make as much money for you as possible. 

3. Hands off Income...

We provide a complete soup-to-nuts experience, if you're accepted as a client, we handle copy, pages, tech-stuff, chat boxes, email enquiries... everything. 

So with all the free time, mental energy and cash... what else could you be doing with your business and your life you're not able to right now?

In some cases, if you have the time, inclination and expertise it might make much more sense do it yourself then get help, and we're honest about that. 

However, if you could a team in your corner of the ring with an incentive to make you more money, who work for free (see above) on purely a performance basis giving you more time and energy to focus on other projects, your family and free time––why would you want to do it yourself?

If you're still unsure whether working with us is right for you – or it might be better to go it alone, we'd recommend scheduling a call, very quickly, we'll be able to help you to decide. Honestly, if you're better off without us, we'll tell you.
We turn away more business than we accept. Click here to schedule a call.

Q. Do you also help with cold traffic, recruiting affiliates and the like? 

No, not currently. But it's something we exploring with a few existing clients and something we're open to discussing on a call.

Using our own proprietary email methodology we're able to take one of your products and repurpose, repackage and re-market repeatedly for consistent on going profits without having to rely on expensive cold traffic or rely on 'pimping' yourself out to affiliates and JV's.

Q. Who processes payments and collects the money?

You do. Whilst we write the copy, create the pages, handle the tech-stuff, chat boxes and email sales enquiries, we ask you to collect payments via stripe or your preferred payment processor. We never touch any money.

Got a question that we've not answered? Just email glenn@getvelocity.com and we'll get back to you asap.

Interested in exploring what working with us could look like for you? The next step is to book a call. There's nothing for sale and there's no pushy sales, in fact, we'll do our best to unsell you... Given that we work on a "performance basis" you can imagine we get a lot of interest so we need to be pretty picky about who we work with, for that reason we turn away more business than we accept. So to schedule an informal and friendly chat. Click here now.
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